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       This is the home of C & D  Performance located in Wichita Falls Texas.
       Check  out  our  web-site  and  enjoy yourself.    Happy Hot Rodding!!!

Chevy Small Block 383 Stroker                 Chevy Big Block 496 Stroker


We build custom  High Performance StreetStump Pulling 4 X 4, Street Truck, Street Rod, Jeep  and
Mild Racing
engines  to  your  desired  level of performance  using the latest and greatest parts and techniques available.   We  are  home  of  the "Super Street" Engine. 

                           The new C & D Performance
"Hot Rod T"!
                                              Print is on the back, logo on the front!!

                                                 Available in Ash, Natural and White


                 Are you ready to have a little FUN?
Our Custom Built Engine's are just the ticket to make it happen.         
     This is the CDP Chevelle at the "Hurricane Katrina" fund raiser car show at the "Pumpjack Diner" 
               here in Wichita Falls Texas.  We took 2nd place in the "Burn Out" competition.  


We carefully plan our  engine projects  before the  first dollar  is spent or the first wrench is turned.  
Our combinations are real world street tested.  We test what we build!  You won't find any "Trendy"   crate motors here that are one size fits all.    We build custom  engines for  your  vehicles particular combination.    Our engines are  hand crafted one at a time  and are  not  mass produced.   We can  rebuild or stroke your  current engine or you can buy one from us ready to go.
 We also specialize in "Chevy Throttle Body Injection",   "Jeep" and   "In-Line Six Performance".    Let us build a TBI 383 
emissions legal stroker for your Chevy Truck or Camaro!


      Chevy Truck TBI Performance

    400 ci         Chevy TBI  Small Blocks by C & D  Performance          382 ci 
         300 HP / 450 Ft Lbs                     Emissions Legal Super Street Power!                          350 HP / 480 Ft Lbs
 Many options are available for these street legal combos that make Outstanding Torque and Power!


There are many combinations and possibilities to build.  Your imagination is the limit!  We have a few favorites,  however,  every  vehicle  is  different as is each owner and driver.   We custom  build to suit your desired level of performance.    We use only the finest parts available from names you know and trust.




Our strict attention to detail and meticulous assembly techniques ensure you receive a quality product.  We also have a few tricks up our sleeve.     
The combination of craftsmanship and quality parts, result in satisfaction, smiles and amazing drivability!
Are you ready to  ROCK & ROLL?   Impress your buds with a new mill.  Nothing is cooler for your ride than an engine to be proud of.  Show off your new found power lurking under the hood of your favorite Hot Rod, Street Rod,  Muscle Car, Jeep, Cruiser or Truck.   Our custom creations can be the difference between  "Best of Show"  or just second place.   Let us build your  next  engine  project.         
We  also  perform  custom  installs,  installation  of  speed  parts, performance  tuning  and  engine  bay  detailing.   Our  custom  engines  are  warranted for 12 months with unlimited mileage for street use.

               "Put a Stroker in it"

                                                489 Big Block Chevy Stroker
                                    Chevy Big Block Stroker 489ci
Edelbrock  RPM  heads  with  stainless 2.19 / 1.88 valves,  Eagle  crankshaft  and  SIR  cap  screw  rods,  HP  spec  block,  Edelbrock RPM Permastar intake, 800 EPS carb,  Comp hydraulic roller cam and lifters,  9.7-1 SRP forged pistons, Speed Pro moly rings, Comp Pro Magnum roller rockers and pushrods,  ARP stainless fasteners,  Moroso  drag  style  racing  oil pan and pick-up,  HEI ignition and custom Talylor wires,  Edelbrock fuel pump and lines,  Billet Specialties True-Trac front runner and custom base coat/clear coat paint:
575 HP @ 6000 RPM  &  585 Ft Lbs @ 4500 RPM

                         383 Small Block Chevy Stroker 
                               Chevy Small Block 383ci Stroker
HP GM Vortech heads,  Edelbrock Performer RPM  Air-Gap intake,  750 cfm carb and fuel pump, c ustom fuel lines,  Mild  & Streetable Comp Cams Extreme Energy cam, Eagle Stroker crank and SIR rods, Speed Pro Hyper coated pistons, rings and pushrods,  ARP and GM fasteners,  HP spec block, custom ignition system, polished/ball milled aluminum air cleaner, valve covers and timing cover:
400 HP @ 5500 RPM  &  440 Ft Lbs @ 4000 RPM
                              Available in 375, 400, 425, 450, 475 & 500 HP versions!

                                      408 Small Block Ford Stroker
                                    Ford Small Block Stroker 408ci
Custom  ported  Edelbrock  Victor  Jr  heads  with stainless  2.05 / 1.60 valves,  Scat forged performance crankshaft  and 
H-beam cap screw rods, HP spec block, port matched Edelbrock Victor Jr intake,  800 cfm DP carb, C anton performance oil pan, main girdle and windage tray,  Wild & Streetable  Cam  Motion custom solid roller cam and Comp Cams  Hi-Tech solid roller lifters,  11.5-1  JE / SRP forged pistons, Speed Pro "Hell Fire" rings, Comp Cams Pro Magnum roller rockers, Manley moly pushrods,  ARP  stainless  fasteners,   MSD  billet distributor and custom  Taylor  Pro 10mm  ignition wires,  CSR  electirc  water  pump,  SFI  spec harmonic dampner  and  flexplate,  custom front and mid plates,  large by huge air cleaner with custom  "Flaming FORD"  logo:
575 HP @ 6500 RPM  &  565 Ft Lbs @ 4500 RPM



                    the Super Street Engine 

                             AMC Small Block 304
                                         AMC Small Block 304ci
CDP ported AMC heads  with 1.94 / 1.5 stainless steel  valves, Screw in studs and guide plates, HP spec block,  Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap intake,  600 cfm Edelbrock carb,  Crane Cams  hyd  roller  cam,  lifters and push rods, Stock blue printed crank and rods,  Speed Pro pistons,  Speed Pro moly rings,  Comp Cams Pro Magnum full roller rockers, AMC and ARP fasteners,  Custom  AMC  DUI  HEI  ignition,  Accell custom spiral core wires,  chrome  air  cleaner  assy  and valve covers,  Brushed stainless breather tube:
370 HP @ 5500 RPM  &  405 Ft Lbs @ 3500 RPM

                                    Mopar Small Block 360             
                                          Mopar Small Block 360ci
CDP  ported Edelbrock Performer RPM heads,  HP spec block,  Edelbrock Performer  RPM Air-Gap intake,  800 cfm Edelbrock  carb,  Crane Cams  hydraulic  roller cam,  lifters  and  push  rods, Stock  blueprinted  crank  and  rods,  KB hyperurtectic pistons,  Speed  Pro moly rings,  Harland Sharp rocker shafts,  ARP fasteners,  Moroso deep oil pan and
pick up, Mancini Racing  SFI spec balancer, B & M flexplate adapter, Custom DUI  HEI Mopar ignition, large by huge chrome air cleaner assy, Polished Edelbrock Victor series water pump, chrome valve covers and Billet breathers:
475 HP @ 6000 RPM  &  485 Ft Lbs @ 4500 RPM

                                                 Ford Small Block 289             
                                             Ford Small Block 289ci
CDP  ported  Ford heads with  big Chevy valves,   Edelbrock Performer RPM intake,  Edebrock 600 cfm carb, stock fuel pump, Comp  Cams Extreme Energy cam and lifter set,  Comp Cams Magnum roller tip rockers, Cloyes true roller timing set,   Ford  cank  and rods with  ARP  rod bolts,   Speed Pro  cast pistons,   Speed Pro  moly rings,   Melling  pushrods,  oil drive and oil pump,  Ford fasteners,  Pertronix electronic ignition and  Flame  Thrower  coil,  Taylor custom wires, Custom chrome valve covers and air cleaner:
                                            325 HP @ 6000 RPM  &  350 Ft Lbs @ 4500 RPM

                                                 Small Block Chevy 400               
                                                    Chevy Small Block 400ci
Custom  CDP  ported Edelbrock RPM heads with stainless 2.02 / 1.60 valves, Eagle performance crankshaft and SIR cap screw  rods,   HP spec block,   Edelbrock  Performer  RPM  Air-Gap  intake,  750 cfm carb, f uel pump and lines,  Mild  & Streetable  Comp Cams Extreme Energy hydraulic roller cam and lifters, 9.7-1 KB hypereurtectic pistons, Speed Pro moly rings,  Comp Cams Pro Magnum roller rockers and pushrods,  ARP stainless fasteners,   Claimer style racing  oil pan and pick-up,  MSD HEI and custom Accell ignition wires:
440 HP @ 5500 RPM  &  515 Ft Lbs @ 3500 RPM                               

Reclaim your  lost  youth:   Build a Hot Rod,  Street Rod,  Muscle Car, Street Machine or Antique Truck.   There is nothing more AMERICAN!  Better yet,  build one with a young child  and  teach them about  your passion, it's a great way to bond with your kids.

We do not list a  phone number  on our website  due  to  the  volume of calls this generates.   We are a  small business  that does not have  a dedicated phone staff to answer calls.     Please  contact  us  by email for more information and we can supply  our  phone  number  for personal consultation.   Thank you  in  advance  for  your  cooperation  and understanding.   We are currently not providing any services.  We are trying to take a break and enjoy our own classic iron.      

               Contact us at:


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